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Open Jaw tickets

An Open Jaw airfare is an airline ticket in which the traveller flies into one city eg Nairobi and back from another eg Cape Town

The “surface” trip between these two cities is then made by the Overland Tuck. Moreover it’s usually cheaper than buying two one way tickets.

So if you’re coming back to the UK these Open Jaw tickets are some of the best value tickets you can get.

As Africa Tour specialists, have some great deals on IT fares (Inclusive Tour rates), that you just can’t and won’t find online, whatsmore we have them on some superb UK and European airlines, not Air Dodgy. We're the experts, so ask us about our Open Jaw IT fares.


UK - Nairobi surface Victoria Falls - UK from £650
UK - Nairobi surface Johannesburg - UK fr £675
UK - Nairobi surface Cape Town - UK from £699
UK - Nairobi surface Dar Es Salaam - UK from £470 plus tax

Onward tickets to Australia and New Zealand

A lot of our passengers are Australians and New Zealanders going back home. We call it the Ultimate Africa Journey Home. What we've discovered over the years is that time travelling through Africa is expensive (Time equals money spent). So flying a portion of the trip home seems to make a lot of sense, especially if you only have between 2 weeks and 3 months to get home. Basically you'll fly some of the trip and surface (ie make your own way between certain cities) the rest.

Another thing is that these fares are common rated (ie the same price) from London Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

UK - Nairobi surface Johannesburg - Australia - New Zealand from £832
UK - Dar Es Salaam surface Johannesburg - Australia - New Zealand from £892 plus tax
UK - Nairobi surface Johannesburg - Perth - Auckland from £952
UK - Nairobi surface Johannesburg - Sydney - Auckland from £932

Round the World tickets

Global Village are the round the world experts. Our website is Number 1 on Google and we do thousands of RTWs every year. What most passengers don’t realise is that you can do RTWs incorporating Africa. The tickets have a huge bonus in that they’re mostly valid for 12 months and and can be changed free of charge or for a small fee .

See lots of RTW options via Africa here

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